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What We Care About the Quality

Relying on MOTOLEMON's Quality Management System. We Cover Everything You Care About!

Quality is life, and we are a serious factory that wants to upgrade our facilities and even adopt the highest quality management system to ensure that every garment is perfectly finished.

Our quality management system starts from incoming raw materials quality checks, self-owned textile factory supper quality control, in-production quality check, outgoing quality check, to 100% quality inspection before delivery. This means you can be 100% assured that we have at least five quality controls before sending the goods to you.

We also use advanced factory inspections to help us reach global standards, service, and production efficiency to meet the various needs of our customers worldwide.

Most importantly, we promise that we will never employ child labor.

Trust by global customers

Standard Quality Control

  • Check the raw material and confirm the thread.
  • Check the product size.
  • Check the quality of the cloth.
  • Check the output quality.


  • Ensure the sample color is same as the dye color.
  • Control the water temperature and dye length according to the requirements of each batch of garments.
  • Measure dimensional stability: hand feel, stretch and shrinkage.
  • Conduct formaldehyde test, azo colorant test, etc.
  • Ensure that no lines are left after cutting.
  • Ensure that the template is used as a guideline for cutting.
  • Ensure the color of the accessories should match the body color.
  • Ensure that trim’s color matches the color provided in the process sheet.
  • Adjust the sewing length according to the sample garment and the process requirements.
  • Ensure that the sewing thread is straight and not bent or bad.
  • Ensure the label should be positioned right in the middle, aligning the top and bottom of the label.
  • Perform the first check and report if there is any doubt.
  • Ironing to ensure that the symmetry and dimensions of the product meet the process requirements.
  • Ensure the neckline is symmetrical and free of creases or wrinkles.
  • Ensure the sleeves and pants are the same length and size on the left and right sides.
  • Ensure each garment is packed cleanly.
  • Check for excess threads.
  • Check if labels, tags, etc. are missing.
  • Send the failed clothes back for re-inspection.
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Critical Quality Control

Use a light box and spectrometer to test for color deviations to ensure 100% color compliance.

Ensure the safety and health of each product through formaldehyde testing, azo colorant testing, etc.


All garments should be tested for color fastness.

Motolemon’s Test Procedure.

Cut out a piece of fabric, put it in a beaker and put out 5 grams of laundry detergent and dissolve it in warm water at 60℃.

Quality Inspection Checklist for All garments.

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Ironing
  4. Sewing
  5. Stitching
  6. Holes, threads or dirt.


Let's Bring Your Designs to Life Together!

By working with advanced fabric and raw material suppliers, MOTOLEMON can offer you a high-end line of yoga apparel based on advanced needs, including Lycra, Waffle Antibacterial, Polyamide Interlock, Graphene and more.

In addition, the latest facilities, quality management system and factory inspection & verification make MOTOLEMON a super factory that can meet the various needs of customers worldwide.

You can also check out the Products for more information or join Motolemon’s one-stop OEM/ODM solution and free your hand now!

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