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We Know Garments

Since 2011, we've been dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable activewear to all, with a range of options that consistently receive zero complaints.

We Know Designs

We're design trend experts who excel at balancing your vision with your target customers, no matter the market potential. Let us help you connect with your ideal audience.

Advanced Equipments

With self-owned textile & garment factory, we are able to produce 5 million pieces of activewear a year, and we are constantly updating our equipment to keep up the trends.

Strict Quality Control

100% quality management system and the streamlined product line give us more confidence to help you gain a leg over the competitors, whatever your goals are.

Faster Lead Time

We train our team regularly to ensure that every process runs smoothly and every piece of activewear is delivered on time and perfectly.

Let’s Get Started With Your Awesome Designs!

One-Stop OEM/ODM Solution to rapidly bring your ideas or designs to life.