Make Your Samples

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We are a serious team dedicated to perfecting your samples to stay true to the design and specifications.

Sample Sewing


At the very beginning, our paper cutter cuts out an exact paper pattern to ensure it is perfect before it is finalized.

Once the patterns are cut out, the first round sample will be made of substitute fabrics for testing your design’s measurements, drape, and fit.

In general, these samples will become the template for modeling all future pieces of your activewear.

Sample Testing


We will send out the final samples for you to test how close they are to your design concept and to help bring the fabrication and fit closer to what they were intended.

Color, fabric, embroidery, print, and size are the most critical elements during testing.

Send us the adjustments you would like us to make via Email/WeChat/WhatsApp or any preferred communication tools; once the samples are confirmed, we can move to the OEM/ODM manufacturing processes.

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