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Slider Zipper Bag

Slider Zipper Bag​

Slider Zipper Bag is also named ziplock resealable bag, it is simple to use because it has an accurate slide closure mechanism that creates a secure seal the first time and every time. It adds a high level of convenience and performance to the consumers.

The material for Slider Zipper Bag can be PE, PVC, PP, EVA, etc.

Press-To-Close Zipper Bag

Ziplock Bag

Press-To-Close is also known as Ziplock bag, Reclosable Bag, Sealing bag, Zipper Closure Bag, and Bone bag. The bag can be sealed by pressing the zipper with your finger.

Common materials are PE, PO, and EVA.

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag is closed by pulling up the string on both sides. The double drawstrings make the bags easy to tie or hang.

Common materials are PE, PO, and EVA.

Bag with Handle

Bag with Handle

Bag with handle has two types of bags: a slider zipper bag with a handle and a press-to-close bag with a handle. These bags with handles are easy to carry or hang.

Common materials are PE, PO, PP, and EVA.

Need More Types of Bags/Boxes?

We can also provide you with other types of bags, such as Flat bags, vertical or horizontal plate bags and aircraft boxes. Contact us with your specific requirements, such as bag material, type, and color.

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