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Motolemon is your perfect choice for your one-stop OEM/ODM activewear needs.

Motolemon Production


At this stage, you will need to decide whether to use Ready-made fabrics or Custom-made fabrics for us to quote you a final price based on the fabric you’ve selected and the quantity of each style you want to order. This usually includes a delivery date and port of shipment.

After mass production, all activewear will be packaged with your packaging materials, and the packaging line staff will carefully complete the final process. We don’t just put the activewear into bags or boxes but do a visual inspection to eliminate all defects.

Motolemon Ready-Made Farbric

Ready-made fabrics

Over the years, we have worked with many specialized raw material suppliers such as COATS®, LYCRA®, RUDOLF GROUP, creora®, SilverClear®, etc.

As for ready-made fabrics, we can start cutting and sewing directly in bulk and add your logo to help shorten your production time.

We also have styles in stock to add your logo quickly. This usually means lower MOQ and faster delivery times.

Motolemon Custom-Made Farbric

Custom-made Fabrics

You are also welcome to send us your own developed or proprietary fabrics or if you have researched popular fabrics and their compositions in your local market and would like us to help you bring them to life.

With our expertise and our textile factory, you can have a complete solution to stay true to the specs of the fabric or Pantone colors as per your needs.

In this case, the MOQ should be greater than ready-made fabrics.

Motolemon Quality Control

Quality Management

MOTOLEMON has adopted a high-standard quality management system, including supplier quality verification, IQC, process inspection, OQC, and complete inspection of finished products before delivery.

With our strict quality control, you can rest assured that all activewear will be thoroughly tested before being sent to you. Even if there is a problem due to a production defect, we take full responsibility and seek any possible solution to handle it.


We Know Garments

Since 2011, we've been dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable activewear to all, with a range of options that consistently receive zero complaints.

We Know Designs

We're design trend experts who excel at balancing your vision with your target customers, no matter the market potential. Let us help you connect with your ideal audience.

Advanced Equipments

With self-owned textile & garment factory, we are able to produce 5 million pieces of activewear a year, and we are constantly updating our equipment and technology to meet your requirements.

Better Quality Management

100% quality management system, streamlined product line, eco-friendly dyeing, printing, and fabric, give us more confidence to help you gain a leg over the competitors, whatever your goals are.

Faster Lead Time

We train our team regularly to ensure that every piece of activewear is delivered perfectly and on time. You just need to focus on your marketing and sales and leave the rest to us!

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