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We’re a non-traditional garment factory, passionate about new technologies, trends or progress.

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Turning your designs, ideas to live goods since 2011.

From yarn selection, design, cutting, stitching, printing, sewing, trimming to mass production, we can provide you with the best quality active wear, gym wear, sportswear, and etc.



We Know Garments

We are a team dedicated to making the best price performance activewear to everyone, and since 2016, we pride ourselves in providing a wide range of activewear with zero complaints.

We Know Designs

We are a group of people sensitive to new designs and trends, whatever your market potential is, we capable of finding the best balance between your designs and the target customers.

Advanced Equipments

With self-owned textile & garment factory, we are able to produce 5 million pieces of activewear a year, and we are constantly updating our equipment and technology to meet your requirements.

Better Quality Management

100% quality management system, streamlined product line, eco-friendly dyeing, printing, and fabric, give us more confidence to help you gain a leg over the competitors, whatever your goals are.

Faster Lead Time

We train our team regularly to ensure that every piece of activewear is delivered perfectly and on time. You just need to focus on your marketing and sales and leave the rest to us!

Motolemon Office

Our Story

Nowadays, more and more self-disciplined people were eager to have a performance activewear at the best price, but they couldn’t find it anywhere. The Internet was flooded with a variety of activewear claiming to be of high quality, but none of the results turned out to be satisfactory.

Motolemon decided to produce a batch of these activewear themselves and got off to a good start in the summer of 2011, but in the years that followed they decided to move from B2C to B2B to help more and more like-minded people build their private label.

These like-minded people have their own strengths in their respective markets, which actually achieves the goal of bringing extremely cost-effective activewear to all of people around the world.

Principles of Our Work


We are passionate and eager for change. We are always grateful for new designs, new trends, which keep us going.


We like to see the world through the eyes of change, but we are serious people who are meticulous about what we do.


Quality is life, we are determined to stay up-to-dated of our equipment, knowledge and skills.

Motolemon Workers

Meet Our partners

You don't have to go it alone, get MOTOLEMON's strong support behind you.