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Regular Design

Yoga Pant Regular Design

Regular Design is the popular design for yoga pants because they can also be worn outside the studio, either in formal or casual wear.

Printing Design

Yoga Pant Printing Design

Printing Design offers fun colors and patterns that allow us to express some personality and style on our mats or to wear them for things other than yoga.

They can be screen printed, 3D printed, or heat transferred.

Special Design

Yoga Pant Speical Design

Butt-sculpting Design is one of the charming designs that makes the wearer’s backside look bangin’ without doing a single squat. Thanks to the butt-scrunching center, it defines the wearer’s booty and makes it look much bigger.

More Yoga Pant Options

Let's Get Started with Your Amazing Designs

Whether Regular, Printing, or Special Design, we get you covered. Simply send us your logo or your requirements so that we can get started easier.

You can also check out the Know Your Designs for more information on the designs we will be working with you. 

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