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Come misurare la taglia del reggiseno sportivo

Women’s breasts are glandular organs suspended from the pectoralis major muscle, without the support of bones and muscles. Any movement of the chest in sports will cause the chest to shake, making this suspensory ligament stretched back and forth taut, and in the long run, it is easy to cause breast sagging; this process also causes the chest and underwear in intense friction, and friction most directly is the chest will therefore be traumatized. When wearing a sports bra, pressure can be transferred from the sensitive shoulders and chest to the back and armpits to disperse and enhance the prolonged exercise’s comfort. So, choosing the right sports bra is essential for girls and women!

Misura la parte superiore del seno

Per prima cosa, inclina il corpo in avanti di 45 gradi e usa un metro a nastro per misurare la parte più ampia del torace. Posiziona il nastro dritto sulla schiena. Arrotonda al numero intero più vicino. Questa è la dimensione della parte superiore del seno.

parte superiore del petto

Misura sotto il seno

Second, stand up straight, hold the tape measure, and wrap around the ribcage horizontally to get the under-breast measurement. Round it up to the nearest whole number. This is your under-breast size.

Seleziona i reggiseni giusti per diverse attività

Sport a basso impatto

Some gentle exercises that do not make the body appear unnatural can be considered low-intensity exercises. For example, walking, yoga, Pilates, etc.

Sport a medio impatto

Most proper gym exercise is moderate intensity exercise such as Boxing, cycling, table tennis, playing badminton and weight training, etc.

Sport ad alto impatto

Almost all exercises that require both feet to be off the ground and have high-impact and low-impact interval cycles are considered high-impact.

Come misurare la taglia dei top sportivi

When we buy sports tops online, we often need clarification: is the size marked online standard? Will the sports t-shirt not fit me when I buy them? Especially when you invest in a quality t-shirt, vest, blouse, or tank top, you want it to be perfect for staying comfortable, fresh, and hassle-free while you train. Yes, when we shop online, we first need to be aware of whether our actual body size matches the online size chart. Therefore, the proper body measurements can help us get the perfect fit. Motolemon offers some standard guidelines below to help you buy your desired sports top online without problems.

Shoulder width is measured by the distance from one end of the shoulder through the back of the neck to the other end of the shoulder when you are upright, and your shoulders are naturally drooping.

misura della spalla


When you are in an upright position with your shoulders hanging naturally, measure your bust from your armpits around your chest, taking the BP point (i.e., breast point) as the measurement point, and measure the fullest part of your chest horizontally with a soft leather ruler, which is the bust size.

dimensione del busto


La lunghezza della manica è misurata dalla distanza in linea retta dalla spalla attraverso la punta del gomito fino all'estremità inferiore dell'ulna (polso).

dimensione della manica

Usa un metro a nastro per misurare la circonferenza della vita nella parte superiore dell'ombelico, dove è più sottile, tenendo la testa sollevata normalmente e respirando in modo naturale, in modo che il metro a nastro sia premuto contro l'area di misurazione.



La lunghezza della parte superiore è misurata in linea retta dalla parte inferiore del collo posteriore all'orlo inferiore della parte superiore, si prega di notare che il righello deve essere perpendicolare al suolo.

lunghezza superiore


Come misurare la taglia dei pantaloni sportivi

What is the best way to choose the size of yoga pants? How do I choose the right size of yoga pants for myself? These are the most asked questions by yogis, runners, or trainers. Indeed, when you start buying yoga pants online, you can’t try them on yourself. Unlike other pants, yoga pants sizes are generally marked with S, M, L, XL, XXL, and even numbers, making size selection difficult. But don’t worry, we need to learn to measure ourselves with the following three sizes, and then, everything will be much easier for us to choose the most suitable ones.

Usa un metro a nastro per misurare la circonferenza della vita nella parte superiore dell'ombelico, dove è più sottile, tenendo la testa sollevata normalmente e respirando in modo naturale, in modo che il metro a nastro sia premuto contro l'area di misurazione.



Mantenendo una posizione eretta e le gambe unite, usa un metro a nastro intorno ai fianchi per misurare la circonferenza nel punto più pieno, assicurati che il metro sia a livello del pavimento.


dimensione dell'anca

Misura dalla vita alla gamba dei pantaloni.

lunghezza dei pantaloni




Convertitore da centimetri a pollici, piedi

If you buy online, different vendors may use different length units, but they are usually centimeters, inches, or feet. This length converter is perfect for converting centimeters into inches or feet or vice versa. Type a value into any field you like, and you can see the results in real time. Share this tool with your friends and family if you find it helpful!




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