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Is Spandex Natural or Synthetic?


Many people need clarification about whether spandex is a natural or synthetic fabric. For the one who does not know, spandex is a synthetic fiber known for its elasticity. One thing that every individual should know is that top spandex is not a company name. This term mainly refers to polyurea copolymer fabrics made after processing various production steps.

The synonyms of this term include lycra, elastane, etc. A great benefit of this fabric is that it can stretch up to eight times its standard size. It is mainly used in form-fitting consumer apparel. The report claims that pure spandex is never processed in making clothes; some of this fabric is mixed with other organic, synthetic, and semi-synthetic fibers.

What is Spandex?

A material that is necessary for the process of making spandex is polyurethane. With the help of polyurethane, scientists planned to create a fabric that could stretch. After all the processes, scientists came up with the idea of spandex. Like all other polymers, this fabric is also created after repeating the cue of monomers that are put together with acid.

During the spandex-making process, professionals claimed this material is heat resistant, like nylon. One can see a better polyester form if mixed with spandex fabric. Nowadays, this fabric is trendy in everywhere, and one can quickly get it at an affordable rate.

How is Spandex Made?

As we all know, spandex is a synthetic fiber, so no organic components are used in making this material. All the parts of this fabric were produced inside the laboratory, and later they were combined under a particular process to produce spandex fabric.

Various people must be made aware of that to start spandex fabric production. An essential element, macro glycol, is required that is mixed with diisocyanate monomer at a particular pressure and heat. Experts say one can’t switch the pressure and temperature condition. It should be constant to get the desired solution, and the mixture should be in a ratio of 1:2.

If all the processes are done correctly, then one element named prepolymer is generated, and this element can later be used in the entire process of making the fabrics. As soon as this chemical is formed, it is dipped into diamine acid, and a mixture is produced called chain extrusion.

After the process is done accurately, spandex fiber is put inside a finishing agency that contains magnesium stearate. After it is uploaded in the spool, the woven is turned into fabric. Various options are available in these fabrics, and one can browse the internet to know more about them.

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How Is This Spandex Fabric Used?

Spandex fabric is mainly used in the field where the need for elasticity is very high. It is seen that the need for this fabric is increasing day by day. Besides, one can see this type of fabric in various types of garments, and it is famous all around the world. In some cases, it is also seen that pure spandex fabric is very common in form-fitting and stretchable garments.

In addition, this type of garment is costly among consumers. When mixed with cotton, the fabric becomes much more elastic and can be used for traditionally rigid fabric like polyester.


This fabric is used in making underwear for both women and men. One can see it on the waistband even if it is not used in underwear. Moreover, this fabric is found in most stretchable garments.


Professionals also claim that spandex is highly found in wool and cotton socks. With the help of these fabrics, the garments stay attached to our skin without any casualties. It also helps in putting on and removing socks.


The use of spandex is highly seen in sportswear, as the attachment of the garments to the skin is essential in this field. One can see the use of spandex fiber in bicycling apparel, swimwear, gym wear, workout clothes and other forms of sports.

To Create Motion Capture

Moreover, these fabrics find applications in various industries. For instance, they are utilized in the Bollywood industry for motion capture. In this process, actors wear a bodysuit made of these materials in front of a green light. As the suit adheres to the skin, it becomes effortless to create a lifelike 3D character.

In short, this type of material finds application in diverse industries. With multiple varieties available, it’s crucial to exercise caution while making a purchase.


If you’re the one who needs more knowledge about spandex fabrics, then this article is appropriate for you. It carries all the required information that an individual should know about these fabrics. This fabric is commonly seen in socks, underwear, sportswear or any other place where elasticity is required. Various qualities are available in these fabrics, and one needs to be very careful when choosing them.

This type of fabric has a lot of benefits and is very useful. By this time, everyone must have understood that this fabric is synthetic and very costly. Yes, these fabrics also have a lot of cons, but the benefits are so good that the cons can be ignored.


  • Are these fabrics worth it?

This fabric is extensively used in sportswear and is a worthwhile investment. The benefits of using these fabrics are evident, and one can get a clear picture of its advantages.

  • Are these fabrics costly?

Many processes are involved in making this type of fabric, and the benefits of these fabrics are also very high. In short, this fabric costs way more than other types of fabrics.

  • Are these fabrics beneficial?

Yes, they are indeed beneficial. For a detailed understanding, one can refer to the article. These fabrics are widely used in sportswear.

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