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Обычный дизайн

Дизайн выкройки штанов для йоги - нормальный

Обычный дизайн is the most popular design for yoga pants; whether working out or working from home, regular-designed pants are must-haves.

Whether indoor or outdoor exercises, they are always good pants for letting you enjoy your movements without thinking about what you wear.

Капри Дизайн

Дизайн выкройки штанов для йоги - Капри

капри для йоги are distinguished by their length and undeniable comfort, which is why many wearers must buy at least one.

They are shorter than regular-design pants and longer than shorts and offer the perfect amount of laminated coverage. This makes them ideal for warmer days when you need something lighter, but they are still suitable for wearing when the weather is a little cooler.

Дизайн шорт

Дизайн выкройки штанов для йоги - короткие

шорты для йоги are a crucial element in the field of yoga clothing, and wearers adopt them during the hot season. Since their creations, they have been ideal for practice and sporting activities due to their lightweight design, and, above all, they can highlight well-muscled calves.

Дизайн горячих шорт

Дизайн выкройки штанов для йоги - Hot Short

Шорты are extremely short and even shorter than regular short yoga pants. Some hot pants have drawstrings at the side seams that can be gathered and tied to adjust the length. Some hot pants have butt-lift designs that define the wearer’s hips and make them look much larger.

Moreover, Hot pants can make the wearers look “Hot”.

Дизайн комбинезонов

Дизайн выкройки штанов для йоги - комбинезон

Комбинезоны are one-piece yoga clothes that combine top and bottom and are ideal for wearers who want to save time on what to wear today. It can be called leotard, onesie, or bodysuit; no matter what you call it, it’s stylish and convenient for yoga class and peak as they can be easily slipped on and off.

Они намного лучше для производительности, чем традиционные конструкции.

More Yoga Pant Options

Давайте начнем с ваших удивительных дизайнов

The pattern of yoga pants varies from season to season. You should at least have regular designs because they are continually adopted by the wearer from winter to summer. However, if you want to diversify your product line, you need to offer a variety of styles of yoga pants for more choices.

You can also check out Знай свой дизайн for more information on the designs we will work on with you. 

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