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You should also pay attention to the gusset. Not all yoga pants need it. However, it is the basic building block of yoga pants. If you don’t wear pants with a gusset, it can cause discomfort, especially in certain positions.

This inconspicuous piece of fabric helps eliminate the dreaded camel toe as it moves the seams further away from the crotch area and provides a flat layer that smoothes the area’s contours. The waistband strengthens the crotch of the pants by redistributing the pressure on the seams so that there are no longer four seams together that maintain a lot of movement at one point. This is especially important when using leggings as an athletic garment.

They usually have two layers to provide a durable and hygienic cover for your delicate areas. In addition, the gusset will ensure that the area is entirely opaque, which is essential if you practice in a public class.

Без косынки

Типы ластовиц для штанов для йоги - без ластовиц

Треугольная ластовица

Типы ластовиц для штанов для йоги - треугольные ластовицы

Алмазная косынка

Типы ластовиц для штанов для йоги - Diamond

Н-образная косынка

Типы ластовиц для штанов для йоги - Н-образные ластовицы

Квадратная ластовица

Типы ластовиц для штанов для йоги - квадратные ластовицы

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When choosing a new yoga clothing manufacturer, pay attention to their gusset stitching techniques, and check the crotch carefully to ensure one seam allowance and not four stitched together.

In fact, from start to finish, a reliable and professional yoga garment factory can save much of your precious time. You can learn a little about the technical parameters in every aspect.

Hand your work to MOTOLEMON, and let’s build your dream together.

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