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Many people said they prefer the high-waist yoga pants as the high waist keeps the pants from falling and twisting around the body, and they don’t have to tug at them when exercising constantly. However, the rise of the waistband should vary depending on a different purpose.

High-waisted, including corset-waisted pants, will slim down the hip and tummy area. This material will hold you in place and make you look thinner. While low waisted, including v-cross-waisted pants, are ideal for some wearers with great stomachs and a fully developed six-pack.

Il est recommandé de toujours tenir compte de la forme, de la longueur et des proportions du corps avant de choisir un pantalon de yoga taille basse ou taille haute.

Taille basse

Conception de modèle de pantalon de yoga - taille basse

Taille haute

Conception de modèle de pantalon de yoga - taille haute

Taille très haute

Conception de modèle de pantalon de yoga - taille super haute

Croset Taille

Conception de modèle de pantalon de yoga - Crpset

Taille croisée en V

Conception de modèle de pantalon de yoga - V-Cross Waist

More Yoga Pant Options

Commençons avec vos conceptions étonnantes

Choosing the right waist for different exercises is essential; they go the same for your private label business. MOTOLEMON is a professional yoga wear manufacturer and can be your reliable partner. Please send us your design or an inquiry about everything you need to discuss your brand.

Nous reviendrons vers vous sous peu avec les réponses que vous souhaitez connaître.

Feel free to check out Connaissez vos conceptions for more information on the designs we will be working with you on or talk directly with one of our professional sales representatives to get started.

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