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Poche de côté

Conception de poche de pantalon de yoga - Poche latérale

Once you experience the convenience of yoga pants with poches latérales avec ou sans filet, you won’t want to return to the old tights. We even consider them essential to our closets as the side pockets that are large enough to carry the phone, keys, and wallet.

Poche cachée

Conception de poche de pantalon de yoga - Poche intérieure / cachée

Poche cachée ou intérieure in the waistband is another pocket design for yoga pants; it carries the ID, cash or keys well.

Poche arrière

Conception de poche de pantalon de yoga - Poche arrière

Le pantalon de yoga avec Poche arrière sont assez bons pour passer la journée mains libres avec confort. Ce doit être un incontournable toute l'année.

More Yoga Pant Options

Commençons avec vos conceptions étonnantes

Whether you’re designing your brand of yoga pants with or without pockets, you need to consider the needs of different people.

Yoga pants with pockets are becoming increasingly popular and are sold in large numbers every year as people rely on this feature to keep their cell phones, keys, ID cards and other small items while they exercise.

Check out Connaissez vos conceptions for more information on the designs we will be working with you on or simply talk directly with one of our professional sales representatives to get started.

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