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Yoga pants are one of the most fashionable garments and have become increasingly popular among women in recent years. These pants are comfortable and flattering and can be worn day and night. People new to yoga or who want to improve their skills should choose the right size to maximize stretching.

There are usually four yoga pant sizes that MOTOLEMON can offer to customers: regular size, plus size, maternity size​, and kids size.

नियमित आकार

योग पैंट नियमित आकार

बड़ा आकार

योग पैंट प्लस आकार

मातृत्व आकार

योग पैंट मातृत्व आकार

बच्चों का आकार

योग पैंट बच्चों का आकार

More Yoga Pant Options

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Whether you need us to provide you with existing styles to customize your brand logo or you want to send us your ideas, sketches, or drafts, we are just an email away. With our powerful production facilities and our textile factory, we can help you gain a large profit margin for your business.

You can also check out अपने डिजाइनों को जानें for more information on the designs we will work on with you. 

Motolemon के वन-स्टॉप OEM/ODM समाधान से जुड़ें और अभी अपना हाथ मुक्त करें!

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