लेबल विकल्प

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बुना हुआ नामपत्र

बुना हुआ नामपत्र

बुने हुए लेबल are made of polyester thread woven on a loom to present the design and information you want. They are usually made up of two primary materials: polyester and cotton.

वे आपके पहनावे में लालित्य जोड़ने का सही तरीका हैं। व्यक्तिगत सिलाई अधिक स्थायी छाप देती है और किसी भी परिधान की श्रेणी दिखाती है।

देखभाल नामपत्र

देखभाल नामपत्र

देखभाल लेबल refer to any information you want to attach to your clothes or garments. Sometimes they include laundry symbols to indicate how a particular item should best be washed, dry-cleaned, or ironed. Or information about the material’s composition and the garment’s size.

They can also be used for branding, including logos, websites, and contact information.

टैग लटकाया

हेंग टॅग्स

टैग लटकाया is a label that is attached to the outside of a garment. Generally, it contains a personalized logo, slogan, price, barcode, size, care instructions, materials used, etc. The material of a hangtag is usually cardboard, but some other materials, such as plastic or metal, have also been seen. It is typically attached to the garment by a string, thread, or plastic adjacency.

लटकता हुआ अनाज

लटकता हुआ अनाज

लटकता हुआ अनाज is mainly used for hanging tags on clothes, generally composed of several parts such as rope, fork, grain body, and logo. Most of them use the injection molding process, and the materials are mostly PS, ABS, PP, etc. There are nylon ropes, polyester ropes, cotton and linen ropes, wax ropes, etc. Other parts are tied with rope or made of aluminum shell or aluminum alloy.

और लेबल चाहिए?

We can also provide you with many other labels, such as neck, side, tear-away, size, or any custom label you like. Contact us with your specific label requirements, and we can reply soon.

टिप्पणी: Some unique labels require a certain minimum order quantity and production lead time.

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