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नायलॉन कपड़ा

नायलॉन is a synthetic fiber derived from petrochemicals widely used throughout the fashion world. It is known for its incredible strength, durability, and exceptional elasticity.

Nylon is cold and smooth to the touch. It’s like touching plastic, which isn’t surprising because it is plastic. As a synthetic fiber derived from petroleum, it looks and feels similar to many other manufactured fibers.

What makes it different from nylon is its more flexible drape. Designed as an alternative to silk, nylon material is softer and lighter than synthetic fiber materials.



पॉलिएस्टर is a manufactured synthetic fiber. It is a type of plastic that is usually derived from petroleum. Alternatives to petroleum-derived polyester exist, including those made from recycled plastics, crops, and waste.

पॉलिएस्टर is the most widely used fiber in the world. It is used in shirts, pants, and skirts as an inexpensive alternative to natural fibers such as cotton and silk.

As a manufactured fabric, polyester is durable, long-lasting, and waterproof. It is a popular fabric used for outdoor activities and sportswear.


स्पैन्डेक्स फाइबर

स्पैन्डेक्स is a synthetic fabric that is valued for its elasticity. Contrary to popular belief, “spandex” is not a brand name. The term is generally used to refer to polyether-polyurea copolymer fabrics, which are manufactured using a variety of manufacturing processes.

इस कपड़े को इसके सामान्य आकार से पांच से आठ गुना तक बढ़ाया जा सकता है और आमतौर पर इसका उपयोग उपभोक्ता परिधानों में फिट करने के लिए किया जाता है। ज्यादातर मामलों में, परिधान में शुद्ध स्पैन्डेक्स का उपयोग नहीं किया जाता है, लेकिन इस कपड़े की थोड़ी मात्रा को अन्य सिंथेटिक, अर्ध-सिंथेटिक, या कार्बनिक फाइबर में बुना जाता है।

Yoga pants and almost the entire athleisure category would not exist without spandex.


लाइक्रा कपड़ा

लाइक्रा is a brand name for Elastic fiber, a highly elastic synthetic fabric. Despite their names, Lycra, spandex, and elastic are all of the same material, and these fabrics can stretch five to eight times their normal strength.

Garments made with LYCRA® have many advantages besides the ability to stretch. LYCRA® adds comfort, fit, shape retention, durability, and freedom of movement. In addition, it is easy to care for, wrinkle-resistant, saves time, and looks great. All of this results in a garment of high-end quality.


कोटा एपिक प्रोटेक्ट

कोट एपिक प्रोटेक्ट

कोट्स एपिक प्रोटेक्ट sewing threads are treated with an innovative process to provide antimicrobial properties.

जीवाणुरोधी उपचार एक "जीवाणुरोधी अंगूठी" बनाता है जो सिवनी के चारों ओर गंध और दाग को दबा देता है जो बैक्टीरिया और रोगजनकों को विकसित करने का कारण बनता है। सिवनी साफ और संक्रमण से मुक्त होने की गारंटी है।

Coats Epic Protect has many benefits, including antimicrobial and bacterial odour inhibition and stain resistance. Coats Epic Protect threads have passed many recognised antimicrobial tests, including AATCC TM90 and ASTM M90 (microbial activity), EN/ISO 20743 (antimicrobial), and the Japanese SEK Blue Label certification.



ग्राफीन is the new “wonder material” of 2019. In addition to being lightweight and having excellent thermal and electrical properties, graphene is one of the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible materials in the textile industry. The material is being used to make the next generation of sportswear.

Graphene fabric is also one of the thinnest materials known and has unique antimicrobial, antistatic, durable, chemical, heat, and water resistance properties.

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