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Transferencia de calor

impresión de transferencia de calor

Transferencia de calor, also known as hot wax transfer, thermal printing, or thermal transfer, provides high-quality, colorful photo-realistic image printing, which makes it perfect for digital photographic printing—for example, logos and numbers on sportswear.

Captura de pantalla


Impresión de pantalla, also known as silk screen or screen printing, supports the fine textile screen printing plate, screen taut, and fixed on the screen frame printing method. The material to be printed is placed below the screen frame, and the liquid ink is squeezed downward using a “squeegee” down through the porous material. The ink-permeable printing plate is partially transferred to the material to be printed. Screen printing differs from other forms of printing in that it uses pigmented ink to form a thick layer of ink on the paper surface, resulting in bright and vibrant colors.

Impresión 3D de silicona

Impresión 3D de silicona

Impresión de silicona, el principio básico es que la parte gráfica de la pantalla puede atravesar la silicona, mientras que la parte no gráfica de la pantalla es impermeable a la silicona. Se usa una escobilla de goma para aplicar presión a la silicona de manera que la silicona se escurra desde la parte gráfica de la pantalla hacia el sustrato.



Bordado is a traditional Chinese folk craft, a general term for various decorative designs embroidered on needle textiles. Embroidered logos on garments look high-end, elegant, and premium. The cost is higher than screen printing, and there is a starting quantity for printing. Also, the embroidery patterns should be simple, and the colors should be simple enough.

Impresión por sublimación

Impresión por sublimación

Impresión por sublimación es la impresión de tinta de transferencia por sublimación térmica en papel (o película plástica) a través de la impresión, y luego el papel (o película) con gráficos impresos y tela se superponen juntos por calentamiento y presión, y el tinte en el papel (o película) es sublimado en un estado de fase de vapor y transferido a la tela.

Impresión de logotipo reflectante

Impresión de logotipo reflectante

Impresión reflectante is a unique process in which reflective materials are printed on fabrics. When irradiated by external light sources, the light will integrate cone-shaped beams and reflect the light source. The irradiation Angle of the light source will always maintain such reflective characteristics within a specific range. Using this high-visibility reflective material, the wearer can be easily seen at night and avoid danger.

¿Necesita más impresiones de logotipos?

We can also provide you with many other logo printing, such as pull printing, laser printing, digital printing, etc. You need to send us your design and the print you want, and we will make the exact sample for you to test. For those just getting started, remember that your chosen printing method depends on your logo size.

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